Bodhi-Tree-Yoga-BuddhaBodhi Tree Yoga India was founded as a result of a meeting of three friends following similar path of Yoga and Meditation for many years.

We decided to build a team based on the common goal – we wish to share our knowledge and experience with others. To our team we invite people with similar way of thinking. We would like to make our Yoga Family bigger and bigger, that’s why we hope you will join us!

We believe in empowering yoga students to take the role of responsible teachers and helping them to discover the natural teacher from within.

Yoga teacher training in indiaWhy Bodhi Tree Yoga India?

  • Bodhi Tree Yoga India is a group of experienced and highly qualified teachers working in different countries with people from all over the World.
  • We understand various needs and expectations of our students.
  • We believe that diversity is the best opportunity to experience deep, effective and inspiring learning process.
  • We are focused on individual student, that’s why we support various individual needs and styles.
  • Our groups are small (no more than 20 people) to give everyone individual care and feedback. Every student has one-o-one evaluation meetings and consultation with Bodhi Tree Yoga teachers.
  • Respecting and protecting traditional understanding of Yoga we are open for exploring modern or innovative techniques – both in yoga practice and teaching methodology.
  • Program of our TTC is based on Yoga Alliance international standards and includes:
  • 120 contact hours Asana Practice, Pranayama and Meditation Techniques
  • 20 contact hours of Phisiology & Anatomy with many practical workshops,
  • 30 hours of Philosophy based on inspiring traditional and contemporary texts
  • over 30 hours of Teaching Methodology with Practicum
  • separate, special workshop about business aspects of teaching Yoga.
  • The program of our TTC is the result of long experience of teaching yoga and taking part in many international courses, trainings, workshops, etc. Our subjects and methods are carefully selected by our teachers. Yoga is not only our profession, but first of all – the way of life.
  • With Bodhi Tree Yoga Team you will get your own space for creativity and self-expression and chance to find your own practice and teaching style.
  • To Yoga Alliance international standard program we added a lot of creative workshops and group activities including techniques and exercises from the area of Performing Arts and Theater.
  • We present elements of few different Yoga styles, so that you can find and develop your own unique way of practice and teaching. Our multi-style training is based on Hatha Yoga – Ashtanga (Primary Series), Sivananda, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow and Dynamic Yoga. We are trying to show that above all differences – still they all are the same Yoga, just focused on various elements and energies. The choice of styles will help you to find your own way and let you stretch your possibilities.
  • You will get carefully prepared manual with useful information and all you need to start teaching Yoga.


BTYI is international yoga school registered in Yoga Alliance international. We offer registered 200-hrs Teacher Training Course in accordance with international norms and standards.

After finishing our TTC, passing all exams and getting Bodhi Tree Yoga India Certification you will be able to become Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in internationally recognized organization – Yoga Alliance international which means you can teach in the whole World.

Hope to see you soon on the mat!



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